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Peace for global women was prompted by the experience the CEO. encountered during her time of marriage. She was married young and went through several marriages before she become a widow on all 3 husbands she married.  Being in Africa the stigma was too much to bear so she then became and author of domestic violence and abuse which she experienced in some of the marriages.  She knew there was need for women solidarity to help and support one another without discriminating one another hence the need for empowerment and motivation.  

What really knocks me down was the fact that in the middle of this STORM I ended up contracting a disease because of wanting to fit in. That shocked me and became suicidal. It took me 30 years to recover. That was a wake up call. The need for change and accepting my situation was a must.

About My Books

My books are a real life story of domestic violence and abuse experienced by the author. These are books of resilience and strength that helped the author to find peace and love. 

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Now she has become an International Inspirational Speaker of which she travels all over the world helping global women to find peace. I will not leave any stone unturned.

We are ONE team, together WE serve!


Jossine Abrahams is a successful Health Care worker who owns a Health Care Business. She was born in Africa and moved to the United Kingdom with her daughter in the early 90’s.


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