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Welcome all to the International Authors Group! We are like minded people meet internationally using the power of wisdom. As you embark on this journey you will be paving your way towards your own celebrity status.  We use our story usually to start you on the authorship journey.  And my story in other words is your biography.

Many authors find it easy to start with their  story before finding a niche. I therefore urge all of you to find you passion in story telling then turn it to your  niche market.


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Once again, thank you for being part of International Authors group where you will learn how to write your own bestselling and award-winning book much faster. I have had 10 years of authorship and that is because it took me time to get published; reason being that l did not find a coach or a mentor to guide me through. That also means my book could not reach the bestselling selling status l wanted it to be at by then. We all learn the hard way.

After my first anthology, l thought I had mastered it all and l did not need anyone’s help. That was my first mistake. I then went on to write my book. I found a very expensive editor/publisher who, by the way, did not do anything at all to my 1st book. He charged so much money for the job not done, published the book, and couldn’t sell even half of the publishing money l recovered from the sales.

As l said, why am l telling you my story? It is so you can now benefit from my wisdom. I am now an experienced writer and have written 12 fantastic books. Out of the 12, l have written 6 books solo and 6 as anthology. l now do not need to plead for people to buy my books. I have found my niche and l have made my name well known globally. I do not need to tell anyone this, but through my great writing, my book and my name sell themselves while l am sleeping.

I have received several humanitarian awards. That include the BAFFTA’s Award, the International Women’s Leadership Awards, the International Authors Awards, the Speakers Awards, and the Survival Awards, just to name a few and I believe that you can do that too. I go to speak globally with my hotels and air tickets paid for. I also get a payment for that.  Can you see yourself doing the same? All over the world, people just go on, write my name, and my books appear. What a legacy! Who wouldn’t want that, making a passive income while everyone is sleeping? Waking up to my new bank balance without having to go into an office to look for a job. It is the best thing l have ever done in my life. I invite you all to join my coaching classes and mentorship so that you can also become a bestseller and not be taken advantage of by anyone. Ask me today to become your coach and l guarantee you success in your new journey as an author.


Advantages of authorship:

  1. No boss involved suck the boss.
  2. Freedom of using your time wisely.
  3. Becoming a celebrity through your story.
  4. Meeting other professionals like-minded.
  5. Knowledgeable of your niche because you own it.
  6. You become a speaker.
  7. You are hired by so many companies and countries.
  8. You then are able to form charitable organization.
  9. Make money as much as you want.
  10. Legacy what a great impact?
  11. You raise awareness a voice for the voiceless.

I can help you to get started and enjoy all these benefits who doesn’t want this to be honest?  Email me your plans today for a 15min free consultation then we can talk about your coaching it’s that simple.  Welcome you have made the right decision and welcome on board.


Process to be an author


I find the decision to write very challenging especially without a coach or what is known as a writing buddy. We all need  support to start and be consistent.


  1. Find yourself a coach who will be mentoring you, and coaching you in your journey.
  2. It is important to start with your biography or what is known as a Story.  This is the story that you own. A story of your life. It is about you and your experience.
  3. Because you own it the story becomes unique. It is special because nobody else has the same story.
  4. Discuss with your coach ask questions when stuck also get comments from the coach.
  5. Discuss your concerns and get some guidance.



  1. Start by gathering your information together, in chronological order dates and names of places.
  2. Once you can’t remember some if the stuff don’t bit yourself.  Take a break even holidays to refresh your mind.
  3. It is advisable to pick a chapter by events when they happen.  Avoid mixing up events and repetition.
  4. When free and not in writing mood read what you have written so far is might help your memory and also realising what you had forgotten in that chapter.



  1. Targeting customers their  age group and what is needed with that group of your audience.
  2. Research if need be, know the law that giudes Authors.
  3. Be approachable. Learn to mix with like minded people so you get it right always.
  4. Take authority, be responsible, set yourself some targets and keep to the time.
  5. Once the book is done find a proper  editor and publisher.  Make sure you get a paid one to get a good book.
  6. Proof read your book before publication and correct all mistakes.
  7. Drive traffic to your Amazon page first few days to make it best selling.
  8. Sit back and enjoy the sales for you have made a name for yourself.  Your legacy and inheritance to your family.


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Jossine Abrahams is a successful Health Care worker who owns a Health Care Business. She was born in Africa and moved to the United Kingdom with her daughter in the early 90’s.


Address: London, England

Contact Numbers:
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