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The storms of life we all face, enter in and come out of. The key to the storm we experience is the result afterward. How did it affect me emotionally, physically, and even spiritually? Did I allow the storm to make me wiser, stronger, or did I allow it to make me fearful, weak and defeated?

Many of us have storms we’ve caused ourselves. These storms had lessons for us to learn but we failed to gain wisdom from the experience. My PEACE AFTER THE STORM came through the worse storm of my life. I was raped and tortured. Yes, you heard me correctly. I was violated and left with a death sentence. However, I did not allow my mind to have pity for this storm. I’ve decided to LIVE and to be an advocate for other women who have suffered in any form of domestic violence, molestation, or rape. I am a victor and not a victim. My life still has meaning and purpose and I’m living out my destiny.

I’ve made up in mind that no storm in life can overcome me. I overcome the storms of life, and I will not allow it to dictate my future. I decree and declare life and life more abundantly for myself and for you.


Itayi Garande

Today I’ll share my story. I embarked on writing by chance after editing and publishing more than five books for women who had experienced domestic violence and abuse. They are called survivors. They had stories to tell, but each of them had turned suffering into achievement and derived from the guilt, the opportunity to change oneself for the better. They had derived from life’s transitoriness and incentive to take action. One of these women Jossine Abrahams, pushed me to write my own book. I did and today the book, “Conditioning: Change Your Life In One Minute” has just become a No. 1 Best Seller in four categories on Amazon. I benefited from her pain. She is slowly making the world a better place by turning her suffering into human achievement.

WOW ! Thank you Jossine Abrahams for your amazing courage.

Mr. Philip Chan

It was so good to meet up with my amazing friend, Jossine Kaizirwe(Abraham).
An Award Winning Author, Stadust Award Winner and featured in the Sovereign magazine, Radio, Media.

Thank you for your book which I have read from page to page and I couldn’t put it down.

WOW WOW. What an amazing emotional and Inspirational story.

WOW ! Thank you Jossine Kaizirwe for your amazing courage.

Dr. Caroline Makaka

Jossine Abrahams is an amazing, strong, resilient, hardworking, kind , advocate for women who works tirelessly to help others. She has won several awards for humanity including Authors Awards ,Humanitarian ,Speakers Awards & Leadership Awards


The book is a very emotional recollection of Jossine’s personal journey of triumph against domestic violence and physical abuse.

She is on a mission to help others to find peace after Domestic Violence.
Her mission is also to help many vulnerable people in Africa who have gone through domestic abuse .



Abigail Engel

This is a very powerful book. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep being you and tell your story. There are people that need to know that we can rise above all that happens to us. Those that seek to silence you are likely, sadly, silenced in their own story. Keep being you. You are a powerful woman with a heart of gold. Thank You for telling your story. I know you have already forgiven those that stand in judgment. I’m pleased to know a woman if your strength and character. Too often we are silenced.

Crystal Cathell

Reading  this book will enable you to find the inner strength within in your difficulties.
I will indeed recommend you get your copy and learn from Jossine’s experience of overcoming all odds.


Ruth Pink

In this extraordinary book, Peace After the Storm, Jossine narrates her story in a simple but powerful way. Just when you thought you’ve heard all the inspirational stories in this world, Jossine releases her gripping story with unexpected twists and turns. It’s the brutally honest account of her experiences that keeps you glued to the very end. This book will change your perception towards life’s challenges. It will lift you up, it will make you think. It’s a book for women that every man should read. It also contains an important message for the young (er?) generation. I give it a 5* rating. 


Jossine Abrahams is a successful Health Care worker who owns a Health Care Business. She was born in Africa and moved to the United Kingdom with her daughter in the early 90’s.


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